"Silo Square" Development Planned Near Snowden Grove in Southaven

Silo Square Development in Southaven MS

By Tish Clark

A $200-million entertainment district is coming to Southaven. Developer Brian Hill with Lifestyle Communities is behind the project. 

Nearly 230 acres will be called "Silo Square," located across from Snowden Grove Amphitheater on Getwell, between Goodman and Church Roads. 

Traffic is a major concern for the area, but Southaven's mayor and planning director say no worries, this project is aimed at getting folks moving on foot. 

"It's gonna help me achieve one of my goals, which is to make the city more pedestrian friendly and improve the entertainment value of our city,” says Mayor Darren Musselwhite.

Musselwhite is excited about building up his city. The $200-million development features seven miles of walking trails that will eventually connect. 

"We've been waiting for years on a trail to connect Central Park with Snowden Grove Park,” says Musselwhite.

Silo Square will consist of 700,000 square feet of commercial space and more than 300 single family homes, high-end apartments, and hotels all connected by walking trails. 

"There have been discussions about having restaurants with an open rooftop where they can dine there and also listen to concerts that kind of thing,” says Musselwhite.

"The goal is to get you out of your car and on your feet or on a bike,” says Southaven Planning Director Whitney Choat-Cook.

Choat-Cook says this development will put Southaven on the map.  "This development is like nothing else we've had. Period."

Folks we talked to about this massive Southaven development say bring it on.

"You can actually go over there and listen to music and people won't crowd the Snowden Grove, Grove lot,” says Nicki Smith.

"I think that anything that brings people together is always a good thing,” says Anthony Abram. "It's like you got everything right there. Right there at you.”

"Small businesses and stuff opening up better for the community. More work for teenagers and people in high school,” says Smith.

Mayor Musselwhite laughed when we asked about traffic congestion. He says there shouldn't be any because this is a pedestrian-friendly project. 

"There's certain areas in that where we wanna slow the traffic anyway. So, I think making it more walkable there will actually help achieve both values, not congested, but also slow the traffic somewhat,” says Musselwhite. "The school traffic and the events that will be going on with the entertainment value that we've discussed will be at different times ‘cause you know we feel like that's something that can be coordinated.”

Choat-Cook says don't judge, just wait. "To make an initial assumption of what it's gonna be like, you can't do that. You have to let it play out and see what happens."

The developer is ready to roll. Construction is expected to start this year. The entire project is expected to take 3 to 5 years to complete.